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It’s the key to every housing market turnaround. As it turns out, the Miami real estate market is getting some help in this area from foreign buyers and investors. foreign buyers love Florida. Trulia, the real estate search website, recently ranked U.S. cities based on their popularity among foreign home buyers.

For the second consecutive year, Miami was named among the top 10 luxury property markets in Christie’s international real estate report. What sets Miami apart from the other cities on the list, including Paris, New York and Sydney, is the relative value it offers, making it extremely attractive to investors, especially foreign buyers looking to invest funds from their home countries.

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Painful as it is to take in the short term, today’s news about the plunge in home sales is exactly what this economy needs. everyone else is profiting, so why shouldn’t they? Too many homeowners.

In a survey of the Miami Herald and the Miami-based polling company Bendixen & Amandi International of Miami real estate investing experts, whereas the number of foreign investors is not necessarily dropping, the proportion and importance of local and out-of-state investors is increasing.

During that 12-month period, foreign buyers accounted for 36 percent of closed sales in South Florida, buying an estimated $6.1 billion in properties, with 74 percent of those buyers paying in cash.

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