Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

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When do judges decide who wins a foreclosure case? ~. The judge entered a Final Judgment of foreclosure more than an hour BEFORE the scheduled hearing.. system, Mortgage Fraud, securities fraud Tagged with 4closurefraud, Case No. It is available for free at documentaryclearinghouse.com.

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Say bye-bye to Florida’s rocket-docket foreclosure courts. Facing a major fiscal crunch, state lawmakers have opted not to renew in special funding for the court system to dig its way out from an.

Florida Supreme Court's goal is to close 256,000 foreclosure cases a year.. He tried to send something extra each month, but no matter what, he remained more. Sunshine state uses fees to prevent sun from shining on judicial records.. through foreclosures in what became known as “rocket dockets.

Why does it matter. For centuries this was a qualitative question, but no longer. Now you have a number, a score, that everybody from loan officers to landlords will use to determine how much they.

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Did Re-Charge just open Pandora’s Box for HCG and. an appeal relating to a foreclosure eviction, "Homeowner X" was ordered to vacate their property by June 15, 2015. source: original docket In.

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In Fort Myers, Fla., the number of foreclosure cases being heard immediately fell by at. and even the judges — it's known as the "rocket docket.. attorneys can no longer automatically accept affidavits as fact, Jursinski says.