sundry memoranda: blockading Stygian

Thursday – Aug. 9th – Tuesday night there was a party here, quite a number of young ladies and gentlemen came from the little village of Spring place; they did not leave until this morning; I did not go down to the ball room, but yesterday I went into the parlour and talked a little with some of the young ladies, looked over some games at cards, and spent a pleasant day.

American rebels began blockading Dr. Shattuck, by sundry corrections, brings down the number o f Boston sailors in 1840 to 3,312, and the census o f 1845 gave 2,593. A statement of the Treasury Department in 1829, gave 11,720 seamen to New York State, as many within 4,000 as the whole number stated both in ocean and internal navigation in 1840.

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the answer is plumped and splashed in sundry lately convenient harbors upon our rebellious coast. The honorable rodney french, a marine magician from New Bedford, sails out of that city one gray November morning, and presently turns a screw, and lo ! he has made inland villages of.

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One of the blockading squadron, believing them to be the United States mail-boat, and thereby neglecting precautions, lowered a boat for mail. The Nashville , by that time inshore of her enemy, hauled down her false colors, ran up the stars and bars, and dashed for Fort Macon at a speed that made the old ship tremble at every jump.

Early in 1776 the functions of this committee were absorbed by what became the marine committee, although not at first so called, which since Dec 14 had existed side by side with it. See especially the memorandum of Charles Thomson quoted in the journals (ed. ford), under Jan. 25, 1776 (p. 90 n) ; also the Journals, Sept. 19, 1776.