Retirement: Banks offer ‘later life’ mortgages to meet UK ageing population – The Florida Post

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As long as the borrower is 59 the lender can use recent withdrawals from retirement accounts as proof of income. For example, assume recent bank statements show withdrawals of $4,500 per month from an IRA (the lender needs to see withdrawals for at least 2 months). This $4,500 would be considered monthly income.

Our Later Life range of mortgages are designed to let you make use of the money that’s built up in your home and help you live a little better in your retirement. Our Later Life mortgages: Below is a quick comparison of our Later Life borrowing options.

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Retirement News Stories. Divorcees planning to retire in 2018 are expected to have a yearly income that is 3,800 less than those who’ve never divorced. A population survey shows that 40% believe their workplace pension is the safest bet, while 30% believe property is.

The mission of Citi is to protect people’s savings and help them make the purchases and financial decisions that improve the quality of their life, making them one of the best Florida banks to consider. Key Factors That Enabled Citibank to Rank as One of the Top Banks in Florida

An additional 15 states will join Maine in crossing this threshold by the year 2026, and as many as 12 additional states after that will meet the same criteria just four years later. "Across the country, the number of seniors will grow by more than 40 million, approximately doubling between 2015 and 2050, while the population older than 85 will come close to tripling," writes Stein.

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Exclusive figures obtained from the Financial Conduct Authority via a Freedom of Information Act request show that just 112 retirement interest-only mortgages were sold last year.

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Ageing in society brings forth exciting new questions, fresh perspectives, and a necessary critical approach to key issues and The Economist Events’ Ageing Societies is an authoritative platform to discuss this.

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