Information on Robo-Signing Suspects, A to C

Approximately eight cars can be seen in the parking lot. For a brief moment, the three suspects disappear into the camera’s.

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If you recognize these suspects or have any information contact Investigator Chad Seidel ( or let us.

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Two people are accused of stealing a pair of TVs and other items from the Walmart store in Lompoc last month, and the Lompoc Police Department is seeking assistance from the public to identify the.

Robo-Signer: An employee of a mortgage servicing company that signs foreclosure documents without reviewing them. Rather than actually reviewing the individual details of each case, robo-signers.

The victim and his two friends were playing golf when the victim hit his golf ball close to the suspect on the seventh tee.

Surveillance shows the suspect robbed the PNC Bank at 4th and Oak streets in. Call the anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD if.

Simply put Robo Signing is when a mortgage lender or loan servicer forges fake signatures on important mortgage loan documents or foreclosure documents so that they can illegally foreclose on innocent homeowners. If you suspect that your mortgage loan documents or foreclosure documents contain fake signatures.

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