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Define applauds. applauds synonyms, applauds pronunciation, applauds translation, English dictionary definition of applauds. v. applauded , applauding , applauds v. intr.. Synonyms: applaud, cheer, root 3 These verbs mean to express approval or encouragement audibly:.

He won’t shout about new ideas promising to disrupt the business wholesale and cause the industry to applaud or sigh heavily. There won’t be any gasps when he is unveiled in front of an audience -.

BOYLSTON – "You are my queen," Jon told Daenerys. "Now and always."They embraced in a fiery kiss that brought gasps from the crowd gathered in Bill and Sue Filsinger’s media room.Then, a gasp.

there were audible gasps, with one player unable to conceal his excitement as he declared: "Get him in my f–king goal!" There were pauses during Alisson’s first training stints as his teammates.

9B Arenacross a hit as dirt bikes invade fairgrounds.

Christiana Clark, who plays Paulina – a strong defender of the queen’s innocence – is a forceful actress who the audience wanted to applaud in multiple scenes. Johnson, Tim Monsion (Old Shepherd), and.

Her play is getting the kind of elegant design and staging Nick and Nora themselves would applaud. The Thin Man is running in Calgary. meaning it will produce more laughs than gasps or head. New credit score system Might Make It Easier to Get A Mortgage. Gasp definition is – to catch the breath convulsively and audibly (as with shock).

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The Portuguese 5-aside player seems to take great pleasure in seeing fans gasp and opposition players curse. This individual goal against.

In fact, the stage’s first big move drew applause and gasps from the tuxedoed and sequined crowd on. times / Playing games we can’t all win”). As much as I want to applaud the production’s wild.

The goal also drew gasps from Toronto fans, with many standing to applaud Ibrahimovic for his moment of magic. In total, 438 of Ibrahimovic’s goals have come in club competition from spells in Holland.

compartment articulator: command maneuvered JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. — A large piece of history arrived at Boeing Field, June 30, and it was so large no commercial organization could move it. So the Air Force did. A group of five 62nd Aerial Port Squadron Airmen strapped the 29-foot long crew compartment of NASA’s Full Fuselage Trainer to a Tunner cargo loader, maneuvered over grass and sidewalks, and placed it in the Museum of.