Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess

Statute of Limitations in Foreclosure-Part 1, Beauvais A Different Starting Point for Deficiency Judgments. In Florida, the statute of limitations for deficiency judgments resulting from foreclosures on or after July 1, 2013, is one year. The time period does not begin to run until the day after the court clerk issues a certificate of title to the buyer in the foreclosure sale.

What can you do if you are the primary buyer and the co-buyer who has the car is not making the payments and you cannot locate the car in Florida? I recommend discussing it with the LENDER. Ask.

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This past Sunday, the New York Times ran the story "Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess," it was the front-page of the business section. It’s not just a hot topic in Florida, but a matter that has plagued our entire country.

Best Answer: The days start on the following day so day 1 is July 10th. July 29th is the last day you can answer the complaint or the plaintiff will win by default. 1 request for a time extension faxed to the clerks office (they confirmed it was received). —It may have been received but it not in.

SAMPLE FLORIDA MOTION FOR MORE TIME TO RESPOND TO FLORIDA FORECLOSURE LAWSUITS A Motion for Extension of Time, also referred to as a Motion for Continuance in some circumstances, can be used in a variety of situations to request more time from the court to respond to something the plaintiff has done or requested.

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How to Inspect a Bank Owned Home. If you are interested in purchasing a bank owned home, then you may be enticed by the benefits of having a home inspection, including whether you can perform the inspection yourself or if you should hire a professional home inspector.In fact, you may even be wondering if you are even required to have a property inspection of the home before you buy.

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During the past few years, Florida has cemented its reputation as the top foreclosure state. Here’s why things may be changing soon.

It is damn near impossible for a pro se litigant; even a very good one, to beat a foreclosure case in Florida. Experienced attorneys, who do this all day, every day still eventually lose 99% of the time. Foreclosure attorneys are cheap, all things considered.

And some of this stuff isn’t complete – it’s not giving all the info that a Florida home owner facing foreclosure needs to know. It’s a big mess right now, and things are complicated in the law today because of all the robosigning and bad paper filed by banks and other things. Having a Florida lawyer keeping up with the developments is a good.