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Homeschooling Requirements. One of the most common questions we get at homeschool-curriculum.org is what are the requirements for homeschooling?This is a very important question, and it makes sense that people are asking.

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The Florida Parent Educators Association (www.fpea.com) has a very comprehensive listing of all the requirements for Florida homeschoolers. Be sure to review their publication, "The Guide To Homeschooling in Florida." I would also do additional reading about homeschooling.

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Florida. Florida law offers three homeschool options: Homeschool statute: Parents must provide one-time notice to the local superintendent, maintain a portfolio of their children’s work, and have their children assessed annually (by standardized test or portfolio evaluation).There are no parent qualification, hours of instruction, or subject requirements.

Florida Homeschooling Laws and requirements. Requirements to homeschool in Florida. Florida homeschooling laws. Ways to homeschool legally within Florida homeschooling laws. *This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for information purposes only. Check for updates at the Florida Department of Education website for Curriculum.

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THE LEGAL DEFINITION OF HOMESCHOOLING: Home education, as defined by Florida law, is "sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent or guardian in order to satisfy the requirements of Statute 1003.21 and 1002.41." The law is broad, giving parents quite a bit of freedom to direct their child’s education.

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