Felons Can’t Vote in Florida but are Free to Fleece the Public

The Kentucky Constitution bans convicted felons from voting, holding public office, owning a gun and serving on. you should be able to vote again," Bratcher said. In November, Florida voters.

In November, a supermajority of Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to former felons who’ve completed their sentences. On Tuesday, Florida Republicans advanced a bill that will strip hundreds of thousands of these individuals of the franchise once again.

You Need Your Voting PowerMillions of convicted felons around the country have been stripped of their democratic rights and are unable to cast a ballot in the 2016 elections. RT America’s Marina Portnaya speaks with one.

There’s a toll-free number. opposed granting voting rights to ex-felons because they assumed most would register as Democrats. It’s a reasonable assumption because more than 21 percent of African.

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A 60 percent “yes” vote will be needed to enact this proposal. Though there’s no publicly available Florida polling on ex-felon re-enfranchisement, a national Rasmussen survey in 2014 found that.

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Eight states (Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Wyoming) allow some, but not all, persons with felony convictions to vote after having completed their sentences. Some have qualifications of this: for example, Delaware does not restore the franchise until five years after release of a person.

How Voter Disenfranchisement Strategically Shrinks the Electorate. you not had such massive felon disenfranchisement in Florida the Democrats Al Gore would have easily won the state and.

A spokesman for the Florida governor told NBC News in an email that Scott "has been clear that the most important thing to him is that felons can show that they can lead a life free of crime and.