China and the Global Economy With Richard Duncan #641

The largest economic boom in the history of the world is now hitting a brick wall, says Richard Duncan, well-known author, market strategist, and publisher of the widely-watched video newsletter Macro Watch. "Over the last 25 years, China’s economy has been completely transformed.It’s probably been the greatest economic boom in the history of the world and they’ve achieved that by pursuing a.

Economist Richard Duncan cautions that China can’t possibly meet the demands on trade laid out by the trump administration; warns of dire outcome for global economy

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About Richard Duncan. Author, Economist, Consultant, Speaker. Richard Duncan is the author of three books on the global economic crisis. The dollar crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures (John Wiley & Sons, 2003, updated 2005), predicted the current global economic disaster with extraordinary accuracy.

China’s decision to bring its accounting standards largely into line with global norms is further evidence of the government’s determination to internationalise its economy and business practices.

Bruce Norris is joined again this week by Richard Duncan.. Richard is the author of three books on the global economic crisis, including the international bestseller The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, and Cures, which forecasts the global economic crisis of 2008 with extraordinary accuracy.

 · The North’s economy and impoverished population of twenty-five million are more and more cut off from the global economy, with limited means to acquire much-needed hard currency.

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