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If you have fallen behind on paying your bills, you may be wondering if you could lose your home. When facing financial turmoil, this is [.] Can A Creditor Other Than My Mortgage Company Take My Home?

That means nobody can personally collect from you. If a creditor has a secured interest in your property, they can repossess that property and nothing more. If you file for bankruptcy and discharge your debts under Chapter 7, all a mortgage company can do is foreclose and take back the property. Once they tell the property, the bank can’t.

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Start studying blaw creditors rights. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. sellers and other creditors can take a security interest in the debtor’s personal property as collateral for the debt.. a debtor to retain the family home, either in its.

Select from the following questions about mortgages and other home loans.. Answers about Mortgages.. A mortgage relief services company called me today and noted that they can save my home from foreclosure. The cost for the program is $2900.00.

Can a judgement creditor force the sale of a debtor’s home? Question Details: My mom and dad owe about $3000 in debt for windows. Can the sheriff sheriff sale their home for this? I think they may have had a judgement hearing. Parents aren’t saying that. Just that they had to go to a JPs office and were told to pay $300 a monthtowards window debt.

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If you are current on your mortgage payments, you do not have to worry about your mortgage company snooping around your house or trying to gain entry to the property. However, if you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage, you should be aware of the rights that your mortgage company has to enter your property.